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How can I get a quote?

You can see our prices online there, no need to wait for us! Choose your lawn and answer the super easy questions. I promise you it's going to be really good.

I don't know which variety to choose...

Not sure how to get started? No problem. This quick guide will help:


• Want to pay as little as possible for a beautiful lawn? The choice is easy; go for our Oh-So-Popular grass.


• Want to have the very king of lawns (the best and most beautiful of them all)? Go for our Green with Envy Grass.


• Lots of shade in your yard? Go for our Partial Shade Grass


• Want a lawn that needs less water? Go for our Non-Yellowing Grass.


• Do you want a greener, eco-friendly lawn? Go for our Hippie Green Grass!


* IF YOU HAVE A DOG, three or four KIDS AND A HAMSTER, go for our Green whit Envy Grass, and follow a good seasonal fertilizer routine: three to four times a year to keep your grass strong in the face of the destructive power of your faithful pet and beloved kids!

Can you also prepare my property for the laying of sod (i.e. remove old grass, add topsoil, level the grade)?

Unfortunately, we don’t offer turnkey landscaping services. We don’t sell soil or offer grading services. You’ll need to handle the preparation of your grounds so that it is ready when the sod is delivered. You can hire a pro or do it yourself.

If you decide to get your hands dirty (heh), check out our successful installation and set-up and professional maintenance tips. They’ll answer most of your questions. You'll see; the tips will make the job a snap!

When is the earliest I can receive my sod?

Our transport team is super-efficient, so they’ll deliver your sod fast, 48 hours after your online order! Not bad, eh?

And this 48-hour turnaround time makes it possible for the entire transport team to perfect their “Tetris” skills to accommodate all our wonderful customers!

By the way, on Sundays we rest, so we don't deliver.

Do you deliver to my home?

While our name is Gazon Québec, we deliver to many more places than Quebec City! Our trucks deliver to the Outaouais, Montérégie, Greater Montreal, Laval, Montreal's South Shore and North Shore, the Eastern Townships, the Laurentians, Lanaudière, Mauricie, Centre-du-Québec, Quebec City and more! To find out whether we deliver where you live, enter your postal code in the “Do we deliver to your address” section of the cart page.

We don't want you to spend 1 hour on the phone you know, it's 2023. That's why you can write to us via the form, directly on our e-mail or on the chat if we're active. Unfortunately, our carrier pigeon has retired! And seriously, we're about 584% more efficient by e-mail and chat than on the phone, you'll see!

No worries. We’re here to help. We handle requests in the order we receive them; we'll get back to you soon!

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