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Partial Shade Sod... No more sunburns!

You're a tree lover, but you'd still like a lush lawn rather than thin, bald coconut-like grass! Choose our Partial Shade Grass! This grass variety is composed of species that are more resistant to shade, so you won't have to spread mulch everywhere! And by the way, it has a split personality: it will also look great in the sun, so don't worry if sunlight on your lawn is variable!

 Thumbs up : If you have a lot of shade, but at least four hours of sun a day
 Thumbs down : If you have heavy foot traffic or if your land is 100% shaded (no grass will survive in those conditions... Sorry!)

  • Mixture of 50% Kentucky bluegrass and 50% fine fescue
  • Tolerates partial shade (requires 4+ hours of sun a day) due to the presence of fescues and careful selection of more partial-shade tolerant bluegrass cultivars
  • Presence of fescues: light to moderate trampling tolerant
  • Note: No grass is 100% shade tolerant (in such a case, ground cover plants are recommended)
  • The use of endophytic seed helps the grass cope with stresses such as drought, disease, and insects


50% Kentucky bluegrass (Poa pratensis L.), 30% creeping red fescue (Festuca rubra L. ssp. rubra), 10% Chewing fescue (Festuca rubra L. ssp. commutata Gaud.), 10% common fescue (Festuca ovina L. duriuscala)


Fully mature grass, 24 months old on average


9 to 20 mm excluding thatch


80 to 100 mm


2 ft x 5 ft


  1. WOW-effect lawn. We sell the best, most beautiful grass in Quebec!
  2. Speedy Gonzales delivery in 48 hours!
  3. SERIOUS excellent customer service!

Not included in the price:

Unfortunately, we don’t offer turnkey landscaping services, nor do we sell soil or provide grading services. You’ll need to handle the preparation of your grounds so that it is ready when the sod is delivered. You can hire a pro or do it yourself. If you decide to get your hands dirty (heh), check out our successful installation and set-up and professional maintenance tips. They’ll answer most of your questions. You'll see; the tips will make the job a snap!

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